• What is included?

    – Individually Customized Nutrition Plan.
    – Individually Customized Workout Plan (HOME WORKOUT PLANS with and without ANY equipment INCLUDED).
    – Individually Customized Cardio & ABS Circuit Program
    – Unlimited adjustments and updates to your workout and nutrition plans based on your results, overall progress, and satisfaction levels.
    – 3-Day Check-ins & Weekly Check-ins via my website.
    – 24/7 communication and support via text/email/any social media platform.
    – Suitable for Men and Women.   

    – Education on what a healthy approach in nutrition and training is.
    – Education on how to enjoy your life and keep that balance, while still achieving short and long term goals.
    – Vegan alternatives included.
    – Beginners to Advanced. 

  • Rates & packages:
    1. Month – to – Month Forward Pay = 120 $ for a month
    2. 3-Months Forward Pay = 300 $ (for every 3 months) ***SAVING 60$ IN THE LONG TERM***
    3. 6-Months Forward Pay = 500$ (for every 6 months) ***SAVING 220$ IN THE LONG TERM***
    4. 1 YEAR COMMITMENT Forward Pay = 950$ (for every 12 months)***SAVING 490$ IN THE LONG TERM***

  • “Which package should I choose?”

    1. Month – to – Month = is generally, for people that just wanted to give it a “try”. It’s a short term commitment = foundational phase. Saying that I will change your life in 1 month, would be a lie, but the initial progression is expected. We are looking at improved understanding of what types of foods you should be consuming, portion control, what approach fits your body type/lifestyle the best in terms of both nutrition and training, as well as initial body composition progression (visual changes) whether it’s fat loss, building muscle, or improving overall health.

    2. 3 months = long term commitment, plus you are saving $$$ in the long term. After 3 months, we are looking at a complete modification of your lifestyle, permanent results, the achievement of all of your long and short term goals, a great understanding of what actual lifestyle approach is where you will be able to enjoy life, while still achieving your goals. You will be educated in nutrition and training more in-depth.

    3. 6 months = long term commitment. SAVING, EVEN MORE, $$$, and gaining EVEN MORE results. After 24 weeks under my guidance, you will be able to make self-adjustments, keep yourself more accountable, based on your weekly results and overall lifestyle. You will know exactly what you will need to focus on in the future, whether it’s building more muscle, losing body fat mass, or maintaining your current progress. You will be happier, healthier, stronger, more energetic and confident in your own skin mentally and physically. Long term commitment = more results, PERMANENT and LIFETIME RESULTS.

    4. 1 YEAR = long term commitment. SAVING the MOST Money and gaining THE MOST results with this package. 1-year under my guidance will take YOU from a beginner to an EXPERT in Nutrition and Training. I will teach ALL the knowledge that I have MYSELF, as a coach and an athlete. You will MASTER all types of training styles, eating strategies in healthy nutrition, that will allow you to avoid plateauing and keep on progressing non-stop. You will learn how to remain motivated ALL year-round, and MAKE THIS YOUR NEW Lifestyle. You will learn everything about different types of somatotypes (body types), and which training and nutrition methods will work the best for YOU. Also, you will be taught how to determine your caloric needs based on all 4 MOST COMMON GOALS, which are: fat loss, building muscle, maintenance, improved health/performance. You will be able to design NEW workout programs for yourself, each month, to keep things interesting. Lastly, most importantly, you will be able to coach and keep YOURSELF accountable after a FULL YEAR COMMITMENT. This package will change your life ONCE and for ALL!


    1. “General Idea of my Workout and Nutrition Program?” – I will be providing you with an individually designed Workout and Nutrition programs, based on your long and short-term goals, lifestyle, availability, eating habits, food preferences, occupation, and commitment levels to training in terms of frequency and time per week. My goal is to provide you with a sustainable program that will fit your current already existent lifestyle, so it won’t even feel like you are on some sort of a program, which will allow you to enjoy “normal” life while still achieving your goals. I will be MODIFYING your lifestyle.

    2.”How often will my workout and nutrition programs change?” – Your Nutrition and Workout Programs will be changing based on your results, goals, updates, special requests, and overall satisfaction with my approach to fitness and health. In different words, the number of changes and adjustments is UNLIMITED. However, your program will be broken down into 6 phases, and each phase consists of 4 weeks – a total of 24 weeks altogether. Reason being, realistically it usually takes a month to see first noticeable changes in your body composition (visual improvements), functionality, performance, and overall health. However, you are not being forced to work with me for all 24-weeks. Therefore, it’s up to you how long you would like to work with me and which package you decide to choose (listed above). Each phase will be focused on the execution of specific goals for the best results, using appropriate training and nutrition methods.

    3.”How will you keep track of my progression?” – This program includes updates “3- DAY CHECK-INS” and “WEEKLY CHECK-INS” (you will be using my website for check-ins, where I will be asking specific questions that will allow me to adjust your program and ensure the achievement of your goals based on your updates, results, preferences, and satisfaction levels) and 24/7 communication via text/email/ phone call/any social media platform/FaceTime/WhatsApp, etc., for extra support and feedback.

  • Expectations

    I am here to provide you with a sustainable lifestyle healthy approach that will teach and educate you on how to live a well-balanced lifestyle while achieving your goals. However, it will not be easy. This is not a cookie-cutter program. In order to make a lifestyle change that will last forever, your daily habits in terms of nutrition, training, and overall activity levels outside of the gym need to be adjusted accordingly under my guidance. In addition, I also believe that communication is everything when it comes to my coaching techniques and your results. The more I know and hear from you, the better the results you will achieve! This is a TEAM PROCESS – my guidance combined with your execution and communication skills of the program will lead to success.

  • Commitment

    As I have mentioned before, I am letting you decide how long you would like to work with me. I am here to help you to achieve your goals. The more committed and dedicated you are to my coaching guidance the better results you will get.


    TRUST, COMMUNICATION, HONESTY, ACCOUNTABILITY, TEAMWORK, DEDICATION, CONSISTENCY > PERFECTION. There is no magic behind healthy nutrition and training. As long as we are communicating and staying accountable with updates, core values (listed above), and working as a team, the results will follow! THIS IS A TEAMWORK, always remember that; it’s not just on “ME” OR “YOU”, it’s on “US” as a team to achieve your expectations and goals. If my approach to your fitness, health, and lifestyle goals satisfy your expectations, please proceed to “GET JACKED” or “GET STARTED” section to submit your initial form and officially become a part of JACKED HAMSTER FAMILY. So now, tell me…are you ready to change your life or no?