Vitaliy Demchuk

Founder & Head Coach of Jacked Hamster Coaching

(204) 232-5452

Hello, my name is Vitaliy Demchuk, Founder & Head Coach of Jacked Hamster Coaching. I am an ISSA Certified Nutritionist and ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. My main goal is to show the true LIFESTYLE approach, which will lead to a healthier lifestyle and lifetime results using individually designed training & nutrition programs. Jacked Hamster Coaching is a representative of ultimate health, sustainability, flexibility, healthy lifestyle and PERMANENT RESULTS. I have helped and guided over 500 amazing individuals to change their life once and for all. All the transformations that you see on this website and my Instagram pages @jacked_hamster and @jacked_hamster_transformations were trained under MY guidance. As you can see, I’ve worked with all types of individuals you can think of, all types of lifestyles, commitment and fitness levels, goals, eating habits.. from beginners to experts in fitness and health field. I truly believe that I can help anybody and everybody, as long as my guidance is followed. I am a huge believer in communication, teamwork, honesty, accountability, consistency > perfection and dedication! LET ME HELP YOU to change your LIFE ONCE and FOR ALL, using a realistic strategy that will allow you to live a normal life while still achieving your health and fitness goals. If my mindset, experience, and knowledge suit your requirements and expectations, then, GO to my “Home” page and fill in the “get started form” to begin your journey under MY guidance. Also, feel free to text or email me for more details. Lastly, if you’d like to hear more about my background, credentials, and experience, then, go to the “ABOUT JACKED HAMSTER” section on my website for more information.

Emily Miller

Jacked Hamster Coach

(204) 797-6508

My name is Emily Miller. I’m truly passionate about health and fitness, helping others improve themselves and their lives, and overcoming challenges. I want to do more than simply provide a meal and workout plan. Whether it be educating you on the science behind eating certain food, the reasons for the workouts I provide, helping build better habits, or helping you overcome your perceived limits or obstacles, I want to be there for you as a support and a guide.

I have been through SO many ups and downs in my own fitness journey. Health and fitness never came easy to me; I’ve gone through trial and error ever since I was a teenager. I learnt so much through my own failures, through other’s knowledge and experience including being coached by Vitaliy Demchuk, the creator of Jacked Hamster. However I have also gained plenty of knowledge through formal education. I graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing in 2016 with honours and also had the highest GPA of my class in the last two years of the program. I’ve been a Registered Nurse for over three years, and I have teaching and guidance experience from my role teaching University Nursing students as a Clinical Education Facilitator. I completed my Sports Nutrition Certification and my Personal Training Certification through ISSA during the summer of 2019 after completing my first bodybuilding bikini competition.

I am passionate about building sustainable habits, building confidence and helping you improve your health and mindset. Fitness and health means something different to everyone. Everyone is unique and has different goals and challenges, therefore, I enjoy making programs specific to the individual and making changes as necessary throughout the process. I believe eating healthy nutritious food is very important but I also believe donuts and pizza have their place too because a healthy lifestyle is more than just eating healthy food and exercising. For me, it’s the ability to eat healthy portion-controlled meals but also being able to enjoy pizza and ice cream in moderation. The ability to find workouts you enjoy but also realizing that some days you may not enjoy it and that you can’t rely on motivation. The ability to know when you need to push yourself more in the gym and when you truly need a break. Life is very short and it’s so important to enjoy memories with our friends and family and that is why I am a big believer that there is a time and a place to ditch the broccoli, eat the nachos, bake the cookies and take the tequila shot!

Your goals can be achieved in so many different ways because we are truly all different and the options and variations are endless. There is no ONE way to do things. I believe every single human being has the potential to be more than they ever thought possible, and I am passionate about helping them get there. Achieving goals feels good, builds confidence, and improves your mindset. That’s why I believe prioritizing health and fitness is fundamental to truly live your best life because it can transfer to all areas of your life.

If you’d like to work with me please state it in the “General Information” section and send an email to emilymillerJHcoach@gmail.com or message me via Instagram @emilyfitwpg

Please send all payments via interact e-transfer to emilymillerJHcoach@gmail.com