Vitaliy Demchuk

Founder & Head Coach of Jacked Hamster Coaching

(204) 232-5452

Hello, my name is Vitaliy Demchuk, Founder & Head Coach of Jacked Hamster Coaching. My main goal is to show the true LIFESTYLE approach, that will lead to a healthier lifestyle and lifetime results using individually designed training & nutrition programs. Jacked Hamster Coaching is a representative of ultimate health, sustainability, flexibility, healthy lifestyle and PERMANENT RESULTS. I have helped and guided over 500 amazing individuals to change their life once and for all. All the transformations that you see on this website and my Instagram pages @jacked_hamster and @jacked_hamster_transformations were trained under MY guidance. As you can see, I’ve worked with all types of individuals you can think of, all types of lifestyles, commitment and fitness levels, goals, eating habits.. from beginners to experts in fitness and health field. I truly believe that I can help anybody and everybody, as long as my guidance is followed. I am a huge believer in communication, teamwork, honesty, accountability, consistency > perfection and dedication! LET ME HELP YOU to change your LIFE ONCE and FOR ALL, using a realistic strategy that will allow you to live a normal life while still achieving your health and fitness goals. If my mindset, experience, and knowledge suit your requirements and expectations, then, GO to my “Home” page and fill in the “get started form” to begin your journey under MY guidance. Also, feel free to text or email me for more details.